The Green Man Wedding

Cheyenne and Tony's day started like any other wedding day. Bryce and I arrived a little early and Kaylie's cheerful self arrived just after. Cheyenne and her gang of people were there and truly determined to make a Tiktok of her wedding day (which I don't think ever happened).

As the hours passed the room filled with more people, and things got busy and messy as usual, but I kept noticing hues of greens everywhere in spaces big and small.

Little did I know there was intention behind all green. The fresh spring foliage, dresses, shoes, rings, ties ... all of the little details.

Then the reception came and I watched as two sisters danced the night away with their Father. Not there in body but in Spirit, and also in a tiny green glass ball they held as they moved across the dance floor.

Many of the decisions Cheyenne and Tony made leading up their day, where made to include her Father, and he was truly everywhere in the most beautiful way. This wedding was one to go down in my little history as one I balled my eyes out just feeling the love from this couple and family.