In real life

I love going down rabbit holes on Spotify, lots of coffee, tacos, the great outdoors, my growing family (this includes my plants and fur baby) and singing 90's songs with my husband at the top of my lungs. My Anthropologie and ASOS carts are SUPER FULL but I rarely actually order, it's a constant battle. I'm team BOTH, staying in and watching Ozark or going out to have a good time. I'll be the friend that you get spontaneous tattoos with who later crashes your wedding to take the most amazing photos of your life! Yes, I have some really DOPE friendships with people who were my wedding clients and it's so amazing!

photography and me

A girl was obsessed with taking photos. I went from disposable film cameras in my tweens to an Olympus 35MM camera my aunt lent me. When I was 16 I went to work at Kings Island which gave me the paycheck I used to buy my first DSLR camera. I never looked back. My undergraduate career was "Science in Psychology". I did a lot of research, wrote a thesis and graduated with honors. I daily blend my formal training of psychology into my photography. They're a "marriage" if you will. The questionnaires I curated to the prompts I use during sessions and weddings are designed to allow your authentic self to shine!


Libby + Robbie

“I was brought to tears! Our wedding photos were everything I had imagined and more”

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